Tips For Ordering Invitations

Let’s talk Wedding Invitations..

Deciding on the perfect invitation? Here are some things to consider:

Budget: Know your budget before you shop.  Almost every element of an invitation can affect the price (paper type, print method, number of layers and embellishments).  Our invitation specialists can help  you find the perfect invitation within your budget.

DesignThere are many different styles to choose from.

  • Single Card
  • Double Layer
  • Triple Layer
  • Pocket or Jacket fold
  • Ribbon and bow embellishments
  • Photo Invitations
  • Single or two color printing
  • Letterpress, thermography or hot stamp printing
  • Customizable colors or design elements (Bring swatch of color if trying to match)

Invitations tend to prelude what will be expected at your wedding.  Therefore, most couples choose an invitation that ties in with their wedding  colors or theme.  Most invitations are customizable in either color or design elements.

Double envelope or single envelope?   Most Invitations include inner and outer envelopes. (Invitations with jackets or added pockets often do not come with a separate inner envelope.) The inner envelope is lined and addressed with the guests names.  The outer envelope is the mailing envelope and is usually addressed to the household.  If there are individuals from different families living at one address, you should send and separate invitation to each individual.

Postage:  One stamp for the invitation and one for your response envelope.

  • Square invitations always require extra postage.
  • Take a completed invitation (all parts) to a local post office and have it weighed and the postage calculated.
  • Asking that your invitations be Hand Cancelled when mailed will help eliminate damage to your envelope or invitation before it arrives to your guests.

You should also have the following information before you order your invitations.

  • Quantity – Have a good idea if not a definite idea of what quantity of invitations you will need.
    • Remember – one invitation per household
    • Always order 25 more than your actual count to allow for last minute add-on guests and errors when addressing invites.
  • Reception Card
    • Will you order separately or add information as a footnote on bottom of invite?
    • Know when the Caterer needs the guest count by.
    • Usually response date should be 2 -3 weeks before wedding.
  • Have your Location/Time/Date
    • Where is Ceremony/ Time of Ceremony
    • Where is Reception/ Time of Reception
  • Know who will be included on the invitation. Check with family before writing wording up for Invitations, some parents have very specific thoughts on how the invite should be worded. Options include:
    • Brides parents only
    • Grooms parents only
    • Brides and Grooms parents
    • Just Bride and Groom
  • Who you will be with you when shopping
    • Some couples like to choose the invitation on there own. Others bring along members of the wedding party or family.
    • Remember the more opinions that are included the more complicated the decision may be. Choose one or two close friends or relatives and who you feel know your style the best.

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