Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions

With the exception of capias and bride dolls, there are no real different wedding traditions.  Weddings can be created to perceive a Puerto Rican Aura.  Some of the things that can by utilized to create such an image are; coqui, orchids, tropics, palm trees, seashells, Tainos, guitars, coconuts, rum, pig roast, and amapolas.    These will remind others of Isla del Encanto.

Traditionally, the wedding party was held in the bride’s parents house or yard, since there were no ballrooms or banquet halls.

Large bulbs of light were strung outside in the yard, in the trees.  Servind all Puerto Rican foods and desserts.  With the wedding cake made of coconut, rum or pineapple flavoring.  Traditionally the “brindis” was made using coconut cups.  the bride and groom may drink espresso using coconut cups.  This is more of a ritual.Capias was attached to ribbons that hung from the bridal bouquet.  These were given to all the guests.  At the reception the bride and groom cut off the capias from the bougquet and pin them on the guests.  A piece of “abeto” fern (spiny fern used in weddings) was attached to the capia and the capia sat in the middle of the fern.  The capias included a piece of folded narrow ribbon printed with the bride and groom’s names on one end and the date of the wedding on the other.

Bridal Bouquet:

Made using wild flowers of Puerto Rico, amapolas, flamboya’n flowers and margaritas.  Among this may also be orchids.  A fan may also be included, as they were a traditional part of a woman’s attire.


May carry a fan and an amapola (maybe a silk amapola) – the flor maga, similar to an amapola, is the official flower of Puerto Rico.

To add romance, during the ceremony, play a tape of coqui’ sounds low for background.

The Doll:

Traditionally, it is customary for a doll, dressed similar to the bride, to be placed at the head of the main table.  This can be a Barbie or a larger doll, dressed in a wedding dress to match the brides.  The “bride doll” is covered with little charms to be given to the guests as gifts.

For the Bride and Groom dance  they may chose a danza criolla, a Puerto Rican waltz.

Wedding Ceremony:

While performing the wedding ceremony, the Priest blesses a plate of coins and gives them to the groom.  After wedding vows are exchanged, the groom gives the plate of coins to his bride.  She keeps them as a wedding gift from her husband.  The gift of coins represent good luck and prosperity for newlyweds.

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