Something Old, Something New

“Something old, Something new,

Something borrowed, Something blue….and a Sixpence in her shoe”

Something old –  Although, many believe and follow tradition as just having something old on their wedding day, the tradition was originated with the belief that an old garter would be loaned to the bride by a happily married woman in the hopes that her happiness in marriage would be passed on.

Something new –  symbolizes the newly weds happy and prosperous future.

Something borrowed – the borrowed item signifies the transfer of happiness from a happily married woman to a new bride. The item is greatly valued by the family and the bride must return the item to ensure good luck.

Something blue – a blue item symbolizes purity and fidelity.  This custom of the bride wearing something blue originated in ancient Israel where the bride wore a blue ribbon in her hair.

Silver sixpence – the placing of a silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe was to ensure wealth in the couples married life. More modern tradition allows that the bride may substitute the sixpence with a penny.

(A Victorian Tradition)

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